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Posted By: Mr Red
10-Apr-21 - 01:06 PM
Thread Name: BS: adding oatmeal to bread
Subject: RE: BS: adding oatmeal to bread
There's sugar in milk. - that would be lactose? "A" sugar, but not sucrose. Surely commercial yeast sold for breadmaking would be bred (pun intended) to work best with sucrose.

I soak my porridge oats in hot water in the dish and leave overnight. Microwave 1:40 mins in the morning.

And North Staffordshre Oatcakes** & cheese (& bacon) are nectar of the gods. For those thinking small hard tack biscuits - think again. Savoury pancakes are nearer physically, if not culinarily. And yeast is used to prove the mix, and salt to disprove it.

**Other counties like South Yorks, Derbys, and parts of Liecs might argue ownership, but I am a Staffordshireman so there!