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Posted By: Ebbie
17-Apr-21 - 11:05 PM
Thread Name: BS: 2021 vaccination thread
Subject: RE: BS: 2021 vaccination thread
I'm biting my tongue here. Let me point out that I cannot be the only one who has serious issues with the vaccine. I am 85 years old and don't scare easily but others may be that lucky.

I am NOT an anti-vaccer. I AM at high risk. I don't mind needles or shots. Being treated for lupus years ago cured me of any fear of those.

Every time I have gone to hospital they have discovered another medication (last time it was oxy codone!) I am either sensitive to or outright allergic to. As one seemingly miffed doctor said: Well, she is certainly not used to narcotics.... Twice I have had to stay in the hospital an extra two days.

I have had anaphylactic shock; let me tell you that I have never ever felt such pain as in that incident. It felt as though every cell in my body had risen up and was fighting the one next to it. That was before I lost consciousness and was gone for almost three hours. It is easy to say that there are medical people there to intervene in the event. Fine. They can keep me alive, but I am the one with the experience.

One more thing: If allergic reactions were all that rare, why would they bother to ask?