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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
28-Apr-21 - 01:19 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Mary, thanks for surfacing again! I've had your earlier remarks in mind, to ask the doctor about proper care around that part of my face, how to clean or touch enough but not too much. And I've had a couple of PMs from people with other essential tips. This is helpful, thank you all!

Charmion, I live with a hot water tank that was replaced on the day after the Columbia shuttle flamed out entering the atmosphere, in February 2003. I was listening to the sad news and cleaning up water in the hall (it wiped out the parquet floor - a version of "Where were you when. . . "). 18 years is a good long run and I keep my fingers crossed and say nice things to it to keep it going. And I know that "liquid limestone" you describe; it's the reason I use white vinegar to clean things like my electric kettle every few weeks, when I can't stand looking at the buildup inside the glass.

Dorothy, I have the radio on most of the time I'm awake; in the kitchen it is tuned into the gently modulated local NPR talk radio programs, but when I turn on classical (especially during pledge drives; I'm a sustaining member and they get my donation monthly like clockwork) I like having it on in the background, and especially when some charming or favorite piece rises to catch my attention and (if it's new to me) I can look it up and learn more.

I spoke with my sister last night and asked about her spring allergies (mine are active now). She was describing the status of her cat and dust allergy and as I looked around the room I realized I'm not ready for her to visit, the dust levels need attention. And the dogs haven't started their spring shedding yet.

An aside: I was looking at the offers in Freecycle today and a five-piece sectional and loveseat is offered, but it comes from a home with pets and a smoker. Gah. No way I would go near something like that, you can never get the smoke out, let alone deal with the pet odors. It's good to warn people with allergies about those problems, but even people with just plain functioning noses are well warned.

Seeds today in the pots on the bench outside the side door, and I'll be sure the hoses are set so I can water without much dragging or lifting involved. I don't leave them across the driveway to be flattened by the SUV over the top, that wears them out fast. But it'll be nearby for easy extension to the garden. We had a little rain this morning but not enough to do more than dampen the mulch on top.