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Posted By: Rain Dog
30-Apr-21 - 05:46 AM
Thread Name: BS: New news on the pandemic COVID-19
Subject: RE: BS: New news on the pandemic COVID-19
Fascist this and fascist that.

I have not seen anyone challenged by a member of the public for not wearing a mask. Mask wearing in shops is fairly good on the whole here.

While I do not condone anyone for being verbally aggressive about non mask wearing, none of us know why they do it. They might have lost a relative to covid, lost their business because of covid or lost their job working for a fascist big business because of covid.

Now if you want to talk about fascist behaviour. I had 2 visits to a & e last month. Had a fascist security guy take my temperature, had to wait behind fascist lines on the ground, asked questions by another mask wearing fascist, told where to walk to and where to stand while waiting. Most of the staff were wearing fascist uniforms. And then they ended.up giving me two fascist prescriptions for stuff that made little to know difference.

Do have to say that the staff and patients were all pleasant apart from their fascist behaviour.