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Posted By: Ewan McV
09-Oct-98 - 12:44 PM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: Messing About on the River
Subject: Lyr Add: MESSING ABOUT ON THE RIVER (Tony Hatch)
Well, there it was on the video shelf!

When the weather is fine, then you know it's a sign for messing about on the river
If you take my advice, there's nothing so nice as messing about on the river
There are long boats and short boats and all sorts of craft
And cruisers and keel boats and some with no draught
So take off your coat, go hop in a boat, go messing about on the river

There are boats made from kits, that reach you in bits, go
Or you might like to scull in a glass fibred hull, just
There are tillers and rudders and anchors and cleets
And ropes that are sometimes referred to as sheets
With the wind in your face, there's no finer place, than

There are skippers and mates and rowing club eights, just
There are pontoons and ### and all sorts of knots, for
Well, if inboards and outboards and dinghies you sail
The first thing you learn is the right way to bail
In a one seat canoe you're skipper and crew, just

There are bridges and locks and moorings a docks, when
There's a whirlpool and weir that you mustn't go near, when
There's backwater places all hidden from view
And quaint little islands just waiting for you
So leave here right now, go cast off your bow, go messing about on the river.