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Posted By: punkfolkrocker
03-May-21 - 03:40 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bank Branch Closures
Subject: RE: BS: Bank Branch Closures
Yes, that's impacted my family directly.
Barclays closed down their branch in the small West country town where my mum lives.

The next nearest branch is in the bigger town where I am.
A bus or train ride away for families who don't drive, like mine.

Coinciding, the long-standing bus route from virtual my mum's front door to mine
was axed.

Do Barclays give a s*** how inconvenient they make it for their elderly customers.

We needed to sort out a transaction on my mum's behalf, and they insisted she attend in person at the branch.
For the usual bollocks security and data protection excuses.
Despite her advancing dementia.

I asked if we could arrange alternative telephone phone transactions.
But Barclays put every barrier in front of us to prevent that happening within a reasonable time scale.

This meant having to find a car owning friend who was kind enough to collect my mum and put towels and polythene sheets down on the back seat,
Because of my mum's explosive double incontinence and leaky pads.

I explained all this to Barclays.
Yet they still insisted we had to drag her into the branch.
Refusing in advance to let her use the in-branch toilet in an emergency.

Then in branch they turned a simple transaction into a lengthy interrogation, treating us as though we were criminal fraudsters..
Authoritarian bastards..

After all that time and duress,
Mum pissed herself on the way out;
and we had to beg the nearest cafe to let her use their facilities.
So she clean up, before getting back in our friends car..

That was approximately a year before covid closed all surviving branches to normal business...

What about the elderly customers who don't have have younger family or friends to help them out in these dire situations...!!!???