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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
07-May-21 - 11:42 AM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Starting down the medical gear path, I have things left from the knee surgery that could be donated or some even sold. The pressure cuffs in particular I've seen for sale used and new on eBay. Other things make the rounds at Goodwill and garage sales (the walker and the gait belt, for starters). While these things are often sent home routinely after various types of surgery, I remember one garage sale where we had some medical things of that sort (left over from a friend's estate) and three young men drove up hunting for various other walking and bathroom and shower seat devices because their father had a need and no supply source (and I'm guessing no insurance). I'd seen some of what they were asking about at another garage sale in my neighborhood so sent them up the hill to see if any of it was still there. The secondary market for this stuff is probably robust. Crutches and various types of canes also come to mind.

Every so often I pull out my old glasses frames and take a few to the donation bin at the optometrist office. The last time I asked about having a favorite pair of frames re-used for a new set of lenses I was told they had to be mailed back to the company that now does the work (it used to be in office) and they would say whether they could be reused or not. Bummer. These are some favorite really light weight titanium frames I paid dearly for and haven't gone out of style. There are more here to be donated soon.

This morning I watered my garden, but every hose connection is leaking so I'll take out a handful of new gaskets and replace them before the next watering venture. And I pulled apart a connection on a hose end repair, something easily restored with the hose clamp tightened better this time.

Jon, I need to have gutters put on my house (they were removed when I replaced the roof and never put back.) I'll aim those downspouts at collection barrels.