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Posted By: GUEST,Jay Minton
10-May-21 - 03:47 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Don't You Hear Jerusalem Moan
Subject: RE: Origins: Don't You Hear Jerusalem Moan
This song, like Get Along Cindy and many others long ago morphed into a "Zipper" song where the singer can create any verse his/her imagination can come up with. For the last 55 years I've been using lyrics whose origins are unknown to me, along with some I added for my own enjoyment.
    Oh, the Methodist minister got squeaky shoes
    He pulls down the shades and brings out the booze
    Oh, the Baptist preacher has a really hard sell
    You buy his package or you roast in hell
    Oh, the Campbellite preacher will show you the way
    But you gotta be baptized every other day
    Oh, the Catholic preacher keeps you out of trouble
    He'll save your soul, but your family will double
    Oh, the Rabbi preacher gives good advice
    He'll get you into heaven for a wholesale price
    Oh, the Unitarian preacher has a lot to learn
    They say he prays "To whom it may concern"
    Oh, the Lutheran preacher has a really nice home
    And he's careful to stay just one step from Rome
    Oh, the Episcopal preacher prays on bended knees
    He gets his prayers answered 'cause he always says "Please"
    Oh, the Presbyterian preacher is one of the "Elected"
    Everybody else just hopes they'll be selected