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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
11-May-21 - 09:48 AM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021

One of the things I have needed to try to come to terms with on FB and on here is that my world view is not in step with most people. Once in a while I am really hit with it. Learning curve! The mention of mirrors... I don't hate them but need to be careful - think Mother's home where every turn I took, I was looking at myself! Disconcerting to me. They do, however, seem to increase the light in a room, or the sense of light.

R looked around the house recently and commented that we have not really moved in. MY fav mirror has not find a spot and is stuck away. Wall decorations have been put up wherever a nail or screw happened to be. "Scruffy", a rather poor painting of a raccoon whom we have become quite used to, is on the mantle. And yesterday R dragged in a box of cooking pots and two wood dinner table type chairs he had found by the side of a street - he hoped the people were not coming back for them! I sorted through the box and determined they can go elsewhere. The chairs I quite like but they need to be refinished - not likely to happen...

I managed to get the recycling out today! I have finally gotten the remainder of the firewood off the grass to the porch. R needs to split some; it's covered. He is not home much but we did manage a walk on the Isle on Sunday early while there were still a few parking places. The city is instituting a free shuttle bus for weekends. Visitors to the park get frustrated by the lack of parking - lots of it but more cars! - and have been parking on people's lawns,etc. At 9 am, there were a few spots left, at 10 almost none. When I tried to take son and family there - Father's Day! - all the roadsides were parked all the way out to the main road. We did not stop. I guess the rest of them could have walked back - only about a half mile - but not I. Anyway. R and I had a ice walk up to the woods and stood on a bluff above the river listening to the rattle of the rocks, then back through the just starting to bloom apple orchards.

The 3 little cherry trees are not recovering well from feeding some critters this winter. We will protect them next winter! I am a bit sad about it. They are barely surviving, and I was rather hoping to see a few cherries in this lifetime.

Ah well, the house in in pretty good shape, some pots are dried and packed - in lots of bubble wrap - to go to Beaver. Since cousin made it from ON into QC this week, we agree that I can go to Beaver soon. First, I need to get all the various plants into places and pots so R can easily water them. I am chancing a counter on the back porch for most. I finally got the tires changed - and bought some pansies and lobelia, sold some more pottery and did a shopping - last Weds (I had to stop and figure out when that was!) So plant potting and moving - lots of trips on the stairs to bring them down, lots of energy and great care with heavier ones. And getting them organized. I have done a couple groupings in BIG pots for front steps: lobelia around a geranium, and around a pepper plant in bloom and starting to produce. Lots more to go!

Also watering - LOTS!- the iris and poppy that I dug out of the "garden" at the mill. They are not happy but look as though they will survive - the iris... and possibly the poppy. Lots of parsley coming up and lavender and oregano from Beaver are flourishing. Three packets of nasturtium that I planted a month ago are either frozen or eaten, or both! I really need to cut back on plants.

Long phone calls on Sunday with sons: one gave advice on my non-blooming orchid, the other told me how to connect my computer to the TV and how to charge the remote for AppleTV. After a great deal of searching, I finally found the charging cord he said I should have - in the fancy notebook dedicated to all those necessary words and letters for the TV and computer. Oh! I wondered what that was!

Beautiful day - about 12C and sunny, and breezy. Laundry to start. Dishes are washed. Water bottles to fill for watering - add fertilizer. See how much I can get done today. I feel better believing I can go to Beaver for a while and be able to return. So, ...