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Posted By: Steve Shaw
12-May-21 - 09:35 AM
Thread Name: BS: The other recipe thread is too long
Subject: RE: BS: The other recipe thread is too long
The Spanish omelette was delicious eaten cold. I'll be doing that one again.

We don't cook on Wednesdays. It's been cheese and wine night for us for decades (otherwise it's wine at weekends only). I have a lump of Montagnolo d'affine for tonight, a soft German blue cheese with a delicious grey furry rind, and some Wookey Hole cheddar. I put out little bowls of nutty things such as cashews, pistachios and/or sweet almonds, with some cherry tomatoes, nocellara olives and some Marché-style garlic cloves (you can eat twenty of those without effect - don't ask me how they achieve it). I have a jar of pickled caperberries, which I love, but Mrs Steve isn't so keen. We have a glass of white to start with then it's red the rest of time. I refuse to divulge how long that means... ;-) We've discovered some very nice little sourdough crackers, made by Peter's Yard, great with cheese, though I'm also a fan of Matzo crackers, one ingredient only, white flour, 19 calories per cracker and a superb vehicle for cheese. Mrs Steve is a big fan of Bath Oliver crackers, also made with white flour but soft-baked with no browning on them. I love them too, but they are far more calorific, and I'm currently trying to convince my doc that my weight is heading inexorably downward...