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Thread Name: Leaving Home -Charlie Poole
Subject: ADD Version: Leaving Home (Charlie Poole)
(Charlie Poole)

Frankie and Johnnie were sweethearts
They had a quarrel one day
Johnnie vowed he would leave her
Said he was going away
Never coming home
Going away to roam

Frankie she begged and she pleaded
‘My own Johnnie please stay
Now oh, my honey, I’ve done you wrong
But please don’t go away’
Then Johnnie sighed
And Frankie cried

Oh I’m going away, I’m going to stay, never coming home
Gonna miss me honey in the days to come
When the winter winds begin to blow, the ground is covered up with snow
And when you think of me, gonna wish me back your loving man
Gonna miss me honey in the day, day, days to come

Frankie done said to her Johnnie
‘Say man, your hour has come’
Underneath her silk kimono
She drew a forty-four gun
These love affairs
Are hard to bear

Johnnie fled down the stairway
‘My love, Frankie, don’t shoot’
Frankie aimed the forty-four
Five times with a rootie-toot-toot
And Johnnie fell
And Frankie yelled

Send for your rubber-tired hearses
Send for your rubber-tired hacks
Carry little Johnnie to the graveyard
I shot him in the back
With a great big gun
As he went to run

Send for a thousand policemen
Take me right-away
Lock me down in the dungeon cell
And throw the key away
For Johnnie’s dead
Because he said:

Kinney Rorrer's Notes: Still another version of the popular Frankie and Johnny song. This one was written by the Leighton Brothers and Ren Shields and copyrighted in 1923. Though there are some differences in the chorus, Poole follows the Leighton-Shields version closely. The popular band-leader Ted Lewis recorded the same song for Columbiain 1927 with the title Frankie and Johnny (You’ll Miss Me in the Days to Come)(Columbia 1017-D). Lewis included only the chorus and not the verses.

Source: Rambling Blues: The Life and Songs of Charlie Poole, © C. Kinney Rorrer, 1982 - page 72