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Posted By: Felipa
14-May-21 - 05:31 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Tha Mo Ghaol air Aird a' Chuain (Gaelic)
Subject: Lyr Add: Jamie's on the Stormy Sea
so thanks to Rory and the earlier thread,I now know that "Tha Mo Ghaol air Áird a' Chuain is a translation by Henry Whyte aka Eanraig MacIllebhàin aka "Fionn"(1852-1913)of a song in English. Rory says the Gáidhlig translation dates from the 1890s.
The original lyrics were

by Bernard Covert 1849

Ere the twilight bat was flitting,
In the sunset, at her knitting,
Sang a lonely maiden, sitting,
Underneath her threshold tree;
And, ere daylight died before us,
And the vesper stars shone o'er us,
Fitful rose her tender chorus_
"Jamie's on the stormy sea!"

Warmly shone the sunset glowing;
Sweetly breath'd the young flowrs blowing;
Earth, with beauty overflowing,
Seem'd the home of love to be,
As those angel tones ascending,
With the scene and season blending,
Ever had the same ending_
"Jamie's on the stormy sea!"

Curfew bells remotely ringing,
Mingled with that sweet voice singing
And the last red ray seemed clinging
Lingeringly to tower and tree:
Nearer as I came, and nearer,
Finer rose the notes, and clearer;
Oh! 'twas heaven itself to bear her_
"Jamie's on the stormy sea!"

"Blow, ye West 'winds! blandly hover
O'er the bark that bears my lover;
Gently blow, and bear him over
To his own dear home and me;
For, when night winds bend the willow,
Sleep forsakes my lonely pillow,
Thinking of the foaming billow_
"Jamie's on the stormy sea!"

How could I but list, but linger,
To the song, and near the singer,
Sweetly wooing heaven to bring her
Jamie from the stormy sea;
And while yet her lips did name me,
Forth I sprang_ my heart o'ercame me_ "Grieve no more, sweet, I am Jamie,
Home returned to love and thee!"