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17-May-21 - 09:26 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat Worldwide Singaround - On Zoom NOW!!!
Subject: RE: Mudcat Worldwide Singaround - On Zoom TODAY!!!
As requested, here are the words of the parody I sang this evening.

Note: This is written by someone in the UK, and verse 4 (which I skipped this evening) refers to a now-infamous incident in the spring of 2020 during the UK's first lockdown, when Prime Minister Boris Johnson's chief adviser Dominic Cummings violated the rules he had helped to write – by driving himself and his family ~250 miles from London to Cumbria, after discovering he and his wife had clear symptoms of Covid and then about a week later drove 30 miles to scenic Barnard Castle "to test his eyesight" before returning to London (it was just a coincidence that it happened to be his wife's birthday) – and, in spite of public outrage, did not resign and was not sacked. (
More info here.)

A topical parody of the song 'I Live Not Where I Love'
by Colin Andrews

Come all you folks who social distance
at least two metres from your friends
Come let me tell you what I miss and
ask when will restrictions end

We're not allowed to kiss or cuddle
or give a friend a loving hug
Or even sing a song together
just in case we spread the bug

Regulations now require us
to wear a mask when in a store
To help defeat corona virus
we (must) keep our distance when outdoors

But government advice is farcical
when its adviser all the rules ignores
And takes a trip to Barnard Castle,
no apology, just a curt 'Up yours'

Around the world among all religions
folk have in their thousands died
While some leaders don't care a smidgeon
and others still the threat deny

The world has changed and life seems strange
no jet-setting to distant lands
Virtual socialising, sanitizing
and the government will wash its hands

So be aware lads be aware lasses,
if I could only have a choice
I'd fly away to safe New Zealand
far from Johnson's waffling voice
But since I'm furloughed I can't follow
my wishes or my job I'd lose
I'll stay in my pod and pray to God
for some day soon much better news