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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
22-May-21 - 02:35 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Jon, I knew the concept, but not the name "Parkinson’s Law." Good to know! My kitchen counters do need a bit of a clear out. The items that aren't refrigerated (dispenser of olive oil, jar of ghee, etc.) and a few other things probably could live in a cupboard. I keep the Kitchenaid stand mixer on the counter because it is so much work to move it if it is stored elsewhere. The toaster oven is where it won't light anything on fire or melt adjacent stuff. The tray of tea stuff. There is a bowl on a stand where I let fruit ripen. If I never bought tea again I'd have a supply of various flavors that would last me for several years.

We've had a lot of rain since I planted the first part of the vegetable garden so the tomatoes have a lot of foliage but not much fruit. One tomato in view so far, and a few buds of eggplants. Flowers on the pepper plants. I can't do much stooping to examine the plants for pests, but I have a mix of compost tea, spinosad, a little Murphy Oil soap, and water in a squirt bottle to try to stop whatever is chomping the okra leaves. When it's still small it's vulnerable.

Looking at photos of the garden in past years reminds me of how pretty potted plants can be alongside the house on the driveway area. I need to pay more attention to those, especially since several had contents killed by the big freeze and need new plantings or they'll fill with weeds.

Charmion, the dogs gang up every so often to tell me that they require a treat, regardless of the time of day. They do it every now and then, and I'm not sure what their decision making process involves. They are always very clear in their meaning.