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Posted By: Helen
25-May-21 - 07:19 AM
Thread Name: BS: Crumpets - bought or made?
Subject: RE: BS: Crumpets - bought or made?
When I watched the Paul Hollywood TV show he talked about how different his crumpets are from the flat, dry bought ones. He says in the last section of his recipe that they can be served split or whole. When I make the next lot, with the proper ingredients, I'll report back on the results.

I wouldn't split the bought ones. They are completely different to the Paul H ones.

Jos, where do you live? Not the U.S.?

Here in Oz we can buy packets of "English muffins" which are split and toasted and topped with butter etc. They are sort of a cross between bread and cake, with a fairly dry texture. Muffins are little cake-like things, a bit softer than the usual cakes, often with blueberries or some other sweet or savoury inclusions. They have the muffin top where the batter has broken free of the cup or muffin case and expanded outwards, hence the "muffin-top" name applied to people whose pants or trousers are tight at the waist so that the excess fat spills out over the top. (Too graphic? Sorry!) Cup cakes are as you describe - too sweet for my taste even without the icing on top. Buns are made with yeast. Pikelets are commonly made at home, but can be bought in a packet - shock, horror! (How difficult is it to make pikelets, seriously??!!) Pancakes are made at home as well.

I don't know anyone apart from my brother-in-law who has tried making crumpets. The home made ones have a good flavour as well as an interesting texture so I will persevere with the project.