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Posted By: Donuel
27-May-21 - 10:10 PM
Thread Name: MOAB - Mother of All BS [annex]
Subject: RE: MOAB - Mother of All BS [annex]
I've pondered the etiology of misinformation to consolidate power and ancient religions obviously came to mind. There are other more amusing examples of misinformation for misinformation's sake that are almost playful as in the 15th century Vornich manuscript. I would say there is an innate urge to create lies and a thirst to engage in misinformation. The raison d'etre of MOAB is to therefore satisfy a need for misinformation, supposition and realization of the absurd as in the early days of Moab.
When this country first engaged in birtherism many felt there is no harm done so let it go on. Now the lie has become bigger and the results more violent. If Republican think tanks think this is a path to consolidate power they are gambling with the fact that "Rome is the mob, and you can't control the mob". Even if only 30% of our citizens are a minority identifing with the mob it still represents a critical mass and can easily explode. The weak link in the chain of peace is often assasination, be it the Rabin murder or the Kennedy murder or the Sadat murder there is an ever present obstacle to the advance of rationality. The world of man is a world of lies that will eventually counter all truth until the civilization collapses. It is an inevitablity. UNLESS you buy Zazoom which cures all ills. Just spray it on My Pillow and sleep like an opiated angel.