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Posted By: Donuel
08-Jun-21 - 12:04 PM
Thread Name: Armchair Archaeologist (via Google Earth)
Subject: RE: Armchair Archaeologist (via Google Earth)
`In our lifetimes the secrets of the great pyramid regarding the transportation and contruction are 99% solved. Even the labor division, food, beer and competition of over 2,000 expert laborers along with their families over 25 years has been worked out from the smallest teams of 40 to larger groups.
The inner rough stone with morter and rubble and the outer carved stone with passages are completly different in the way they were lifted. The next problem of lifting the stone was done with 2 ratcheted sloping galleries that lifted inner stone and the outer spiral ramp, stone was lifted up to 425 feet for the outer structure. Stone came by boats 200 feet away either on their deck or for larger stone slung underneath.
95% of the remains of a hydraulic ram pump for water is also a feature of the great pyramid that is not totally understood as to how and why it was used. One theory is it supplied water for an underground canal ceremony or irrigation. The whole structure is more of a public utility than a tomb.

All but one grand gallery with ratcheted lifting capacity has been directly explored. At this point density data only suggests where it is. Could there be more left undiscovered? Sure but I am satisfied how it was done.