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Posted By: leeneia
11-Jun-21 - 12:48 PM
Thread Name: Singing exercises for a beginner
Subject: RE: Singing exercises for a beginner
Here are some things she can do without risking damaging her voice with advice from an amateur teacher:

Join a regular choral group.

Sing around the house, in the shower and in the car when traffic is relaxed. Concentrate on singing accurately, not on singing loud.

Before church, drink lukewarm water. Avoid caffeine, chocolate and alcohol, which dry out the voice. If the voice is phlegmy, drink lukewarm water with a little citrus juice in it.

Try this 8-minute warm-up for the female voice before going to church:

These exercises are like the exercises I've done for years in various groups, and I feel confident they are safe. I do them every Monday before the Mudcat Singaround.

I'm an alto, and most hymns have a couple notes which are too high for me. I merely sing them very softly and move on. If there are plenty of other singers, I might just be silent during a high note.

If I were you, I'd leave the question of high notes to an expert.