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Posted By: Mrrzy
18-Jun-21 - 10:32 AM
Thread Name: BS: Happy Juneteenth! Now Federal Holiday
Subject: RE: BS: Happy Juneteenth! Now Federal
Ok lemme say this about that.

When I first moved to Virginia in 1985, I was taught that Juneteenth, already a local thing, celebrated the last slaves finding out they were free. I was taught that it was called Juneteenth ***specifically and on purpose because nobody knew when that had happened*** so while I am glad it is a national thing now, I think some white folks decided it had to have an exact date and commemorate an exact time. Which is culural appropriation, or something, that shows disrespect of the actual black experience of slavery in the US. I think.

I would be open to the idea that in the last decades they discovered historical evidence that those individuals were the last slaves freed, I guess, but otherwise I object to the digitizing [metaphorically] of an analog event.

I think this way is much less reflective of the actuality of white people keeping their niggers, which is what they were *to them*, ignorant and enslaved.

I am glad Juneteenrh is a holiday, and I don't mind having a day on which to celebrate it. I just object to the switch to a particular event that we don't, that I know of, know was the actual thing.

And the fact, if it still is one, that we don't know when it happened, ***which is critical to what is being celebrated*** by calling the holiday Juneteenth in the first place, is now obscured.

Rant off.