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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
18-Jun-21 - 01:52 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021

R just phoned to see how I am: much better than I have been! Having gotten through two night without coughing, I was hoping the vaccine had cleared that but now coughing again. Darn!

R and Joe are in Toronto, en route to Woodstock, picking up machinery in the "big truck", which I have not yet seen. (pouring rain there also) Then to Palestine to pick up antique machines - helping that person de-clutter! Probably an overnight in Lindsay in there. Then to "the County" to either pick up or deliver or some of each??? Then to Montreal...

And the bakery could not make the muffins I wanted - Father's Day! So no reason for me to leave here before Weds! Larry stopping over for visit shortly.

That firing of plates: when it did not turn off, I checked through top peep and saw no colour; went through pile of books that R had dragged home and actually found a comprehensive pottery book: should be orange in there. Checked bottom peep: orange down there. Closed it and re-checked top one: due to emptiness I could see that the element was not red. OOPS! Turned it off and lamented, and cogitated.

Phoned Michael in the am and he will be by when he has time. Ten years ago, I would have opened the control panel, after unplugging! and looked for a problem. Prob would have found and fixed it. Now, the mere thought of getting down on the floor to unplug the kiln is --- not going to happen! (I could go to that "elderly" thread!)

In any case, the load was done enough, the bottoms are waxed and everything is glazed. That brought aches back so the baker's rack full of smaller stuff, to fit around the plates, is still waiting for the spirit to move me. Reducing the whole thing to as simple as possible - using only two or three glazes to reduce stirring (shoulder), following samples I have handy; for once, a few years ago at the mill, I glazed a bunch of small pieces with a variety and managed to record what I did! So choosing the nicest and easiest.

Did groceries this am, cooked lastest BF idea - seems to work - and cleaned up. Fire in stove as it was down to 66 in here; very small fire, and now have opened doors to BR so it is not too hot for Larry's dog! Mock orange buds show some expansion, clivia (in LR) is beautiful. We sure needed this rain! (Just dripping now.)