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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
20-Jun-21 - 04:52 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021

Considering the number the vaccine did on me the following day, one might think it could have cured, or killed, almost anything. Today is the first day I have really felt good, felt like normal me, since the 10th! As for the #$%^&*( cough, it hit in spades when I went to an art Gallery to see a friend's exhibit on Friday. I could not even talk to him for coughing and had to leave. Saturday, I did not have the energy to go anywhere, and coughed my guts out at home. Decluttered a great deal of mucous with these two events.

Today, I am right as rain! What a relief. There were hours in the last few days when I wondered if I would see tomorrow, should I call 911??? Close but survived since I doubted there was anything positive they could do.

In the meantime, I managed to do tiny amounts of work in the studio - maybe an hour a day; the laundry and remade bed - a bit at a time; And today!!!! Washed my hair! Now I am normal.

However, it is a good thing - for my mental health!, that I was able to decide to just let go of whatever I thought needed to be done by... Talk about de-clutter! So it is Sunday; everything is ready for a glaze firing but the kiln - which I have not the guts to endeavour to repair although I did unplug it today! Michael finally phoned today that he will come tomorrow at 10:30! If he manages the repair, and I have no doubt he will, I can load and fire and unload on Tues am to take Erica's plates to Quebec, and be there in time for R to have his shot on Weds. The "filler pieces" for the shop can be tagged and boxed for Pat, or someone to pick up whenever, from K counter. These folks generally get down to Bancroft once a week to shop. And Pat has been wanting more small pieces for the shop.

I might have thrown some more today but the rack is FULL and the studio is crowded. Need to "move 'em on out!" to make room for more.

There will still be at least two kiln loads to glaze fire next trip. Soon I hope, largely depending on how R reacts to his vaccine. Mock orange has not yet popped, strawberries still thinking about it and no snapping turtle mom has nested out on the road. I will be anxious to get back.

Our go-to granola recipe was in Diet for a Small Planet. It was terrific. We did about 50 pounds once for a camping co-op! I somehow stopped eating it years ago but it was BF for quite a while, with nutritional yeast (found I was allergic!) and yogurt. WOW! 45 years ago!!

And this am, I was busy glazing and the phone rang: "TD bank" about my credit card but a message so incomprehensible I just hung up and phoned the number I have for the bank and got a wonderful woman who assured me that it had been their fraud line and we determined there was a problem and I must have a new card But she agreed to fast track it directly to the TD bank in Chateauguay which will phone me on arrival; it is meant to be there on Tuesday! I may not always approve of its activities (fossil fuels/pipelines) but it has always done business well for me. This is the 2nd or 3rd time they have caught someone trying to use my card! The credit card department knows more about me than R! Where and when I shop and what I buy and do not buy... It is rather disconcerting but it works!

That took an hour out of my glazing time but I still did two hours and organized to do more later. Then it was lunch time and getting hot, and my shoulder was hurting. Maybe later...