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21-Jun-21 - 05:24 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Mudcat singaround songs NOT in English
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Mudcat singaround songs NOT in English

Által mennék én a Tiszán
Ladikon, ladikon, de ladikon.
Ott lakik a, ott lakik a galambom,
Ott lakik a galambom.
Ott lakik a városban,
A harmadik utcában,
Piros rózsa, kék nefelejcs, ibolya
Nyílik az ablakában.

Által mennék én a Tiszán
Nem merek, nem merek, de nem merek.
Attól félek, hogy a Tiszába esek,
Hogy a Tiszába esek.
Lovam hátán seje-haj,
Félre fordult a nyereg,
A Tiszának habjai közt elveszek,
A babámé nem leszek.
Által mennék translation, mine

I would go on the Tisza
In a punt, only in a punt
My sweetie lives there
Lives there, lives there
Over there in the city
On the third street
Red roses, blue forget-me-nots
Bloom in their window

I would go on the Tisza
I dare not, only I dare not
I fear I'll fall in
Fall in, fall in
My horse's saddle
Has fallen sideways
I am lost on the foamy banks
I will never be theirs.
"The Hungarian folk song 'Által mennék én a Tiszán' was collected by Zoltán Kodály in Szeged in 1905. A year later, Béla Bartók also wrote it down in Békésgyula, then in 1907 in Felsőireg. The song has a new style and an adaptive rhythm." From Hungarian Wikipedia (Hungarian only, translation by Google) -with sheet music and links

Live rendition by Magyar Rózsa
Variation by Folkfonics feat Csemer Boggie & Accord Quartet
Recording by Gémes trió
Wiki's Hungarian folk songs list

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