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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
25-Jun-21 - 12:04 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021

The firing was fine! Unloaded, stickered the ones for the shop, reloaded the car. Brought the plates for Erica, left a box of pots for the shop and messaged Pat to let her know they were there, along with a couple bags of books, quart jars and egg cartons - she knows folks who can use them.

Picked up new credit card, stopped at the library, and arrived here before 4 pm, in time to water the neediest plants, put food in frig and sort out some of clutter. Stack of glass storage containers in drainer - R ate the food and washed! Clothes to laundry, one load now washed, dried and sorted, another in washer.

R has no drivers license due to too many points: it would help if he opened mail, if he stopped at stop signs, did not use cell... I was in a mood about it but managed to control my "12 years of this foolishness" fury. (more like a lifetime of it, but I was not around; he is untrainable!) He did not get home until after 10 on Weds; E had to drive him/he fell asleep/... Thurs, I offered a good supper but please get home by 9! E drove him - 9:15.

He had second shot yesterday NO reaction! So I drove him to work this am. Maybe today he will look into recovering a license... Maybe not.

My bits of energy yesterday went into watering plants. catching up on friends on internet, watching youtubes of kd Lang, music and interviews; I find her and her career interesting. Thinking of a young musician we love and wondering if she might also have a career near to that. Would the stress break her as it has others... kd seems to have a certain strength of character.

All those bags of soil in the back yard are producing: there will be tomatoes (3 noticeable striped ones so far), yellow beans, some sort of squash, a few potatoes, possibly corn but something seems to love the sprouting green stuff! Basil in several pots on back porch so I can go out and snip some...

The soil in front - a whole truck load NEEDS some nutritional additives! The parsley and oregano are doing OK - just OK!

There is dead heading needed - and a nap too! Not too hot but we NEED rain. Town has a water use alert on - And a River running through it! I took a couple gallons out for the larger tomato plants - enough to soak them. Cannot produce tomatoes without water!