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Posted By: Sandra in Sydney
04-Jul-21 - 05:42 AM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
I've been doing a lot of downsizing in the past year or so (& an even bigger lot of slacking off.) As I say to people I hate waste (long live the Repair, Recycle, Reuse & Re-purpose movement!) but I'm great at wasting time.

For several years I just accumulated new CDs at festivals & concerts - didn't listen to them again - rarely listen to any CDs - just left them in piles around my CD shelves, so I sorted them all. From 8 1-metre shelves & these piles, I now have a bit less then 2 shelves of CDs I listen to.

2 friends who have Community Radio programs took the rest. One friend runs an Australian show (folk, rock, jazz) with only his library, & very happily took around 250 Australian CDs. Mudcatter GerryM took 100+ Mudcatter CDs & most of the others I had left UK, Can, Irish, around 200. The remainder will be lucky door prizes at my folk club & will move to the cupboard in the hall s soon as possible.

Well done, me!!

For weeks I've has a 16-item list (black marker pen on green paper so it doesn't get lost in all the while paper.) Of course white paper can sit on top of it & I've only crossed off 6 items - vacuuming was done before Gerry collected the CDs (phew.) Six of the items relate to unwanted collections, I just need to contact several acquaintances to see if they want them etc. sigh.

One of the items crossed off refers to updating my will & the updates have finally been emailed. One of the collections had been in a big carry bag pushed between my dressingtable & wardrobe as I need to get stuff out - since 2017, unless of course I emailed her years later & deleted my Sent email (oops)

I spent the last few days photographing/scanning embroideries I've done over the years to make a photobook so I'll have a record after I find new homes for them. I know a craft shop/gallery that takes craft stuff on consignment ...

What will I do next?

sandra (long time lurker)