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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
05-Jul-21 - 01:38 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021

In Quebec, things are open. I believe we are now in the "orange zone", serendipitous considering our propinquity to Kahnawake. The weight of the newly discovered burials is heavy; I feel the tears in my eyes most of the time. At least one dear friend has posted his terrible pain and anger, as a survivor. Possibly this monumental opening of the subject will enable considerable opening of people's feelings so they can have some degree of healing. The whole subject was hiding under a very lumpy carpet for too long. Now everyone knows and the fan is busy ... May the winds of peace blow hard.

Well, the time has muddled by and it was too hot to breathe for a while and the last 3-4 days have been heavenly cool. We had some wonderful rain in there somewhere. I am wondering about me - my energy level is from nil to get out and push to "WOW, I got a few things done!"

No grass has been cut. I quit! Planning to buy some birdsfoot trefoil to throw on the entire front in the late fall. The snow should soak it into the ground; next year it can produce a lawn of short "grass" with lovely yellow flowers; it is all along the road through the "Rez" and in yards as well, in the city also.

My outings each day are driving R to the city and fetching him back, most days since I have been here, due to his loss of driver's license and abysmal failure to do anything about it! Some days, that is all I have done, though it is only 30 minutes each way.

This weekend just over, he stayed home and we/he did: a screen in the window of the current pottery space so I can work with AIR when it is cool enough; a light fixture in a "spare room" where there was no ceiling light, just a fan. looks nice and he is happy but, I point out, there is no room for a comfie chair due to the surplus furniture he ;put in... Took four hours due to differences in where he could affix the light. Then we worked together to clear the largish closet in the hall; there is now organization, some things have left both it and the spare room closet - for the cellar or the trash. AND there is empty space on a shelf!

We did not get to re-arrange the LR/DR for the new oval table - not a dining table, we have that covered but ... I give up! He bought it because he liked it with no thought for where it could fit - No where basically. But it is a lovely table and I did come up with a solution. Solution one entailed getting rid of an ugly table - that he also loves! Solution two... How many tables does a LR need???? Compromise. But I have to wait for him to help. Of course, I keep remembering - we are not going to have company any time soon.

BIG event: we went out for supper last eve! First time in about 18 months. I had a great meal; looked at the plate the waitress delivered and - did not think I could eat at all! Starting carefully with the salad, I made it through every last morsel of this typically QC meal: french fries, rice, pita, salad and chicken breast that was so good I WANT the recipe. R helped with the fries and the bits of salad - tomato and cuke. I saved a bit of chick and pita for today. Oh goody! lunch!

I do have a semblance of garden: tomato plants mostly doing well, squash plants in bloom, Wax beans looking healthy but not yet producing. Several pots of basil, doing well; I cut up a shoot for the morning omelette. pots of red geranium, one pepper plant, and two very large tomato plants on the front steps; full sun most of day. And my precious pear tree! Want to get some buckwheat seed - good for the soil. The front garden, the truckload of soil does not grow much of anything - parsley, some perennials and a lavender. Even the oregano is struggling. I'll throw some sort of fertilizer on it today. After that lunch!

Big goal is to get plants organized better so R does not have to spend as much time watering when I am away. Which I will be, as soon as he gets permission to drive!