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Posted By: Tony Rees
08-Jul-21 - 03:17 AM
Thread Name: Making folk club recordings available
Subject: RE: Making folk club recordings available
For those who believe audience recordings of performers from the past should be made available to fans of the music, the following may be of interest... if not, feel free to skip this post.

It turns out that another of my originals has become available, this time via Dimeadozen (, not uploaded by me but by someone else from a low generation copy... in fact I do not even have the original of this any more, so it is great that it is preserved somewhere. It is Nic Jones recorded at Oxford Polytechnic in March 1975; I believe Ralph Jordan ("Ralphie" to mudcatters) was supplied with a copy of this at the time he was compiling "unearthed", but the tracks were probably not used (I have not done a detailed comparison). Anyway the relevant info is at and (2 versions were made available) but availability to view these pages and/or download depends on a user having a Dime account, also on persons who have "seeded" it (not an area I am familiar with), which apparently means that it is currently unavailable.

I would be interested to know if persons keen to hear and/or download this material prefer the Dime approach to that on youtube, which latter does actually break their rules regarding copyright material, also they do not officially allow downloads, as kind folk on this thread have informed me... Personally I find Dime a bit of a dog to use, since you have to be an uploader as well as a downloader, have plenty of bandwidth and a PC permanently connected to the net for file sharing, with kinda rules me out anyway. My preference is really for a site such as Sugarmegs where all the download links are readily available, however in mp3 (compressed) format or similar which is a little sub-optimal.

- Tony