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Posted By: DaveRo
12-Jul-21 - 02:59 AM
Thread Name: Can't comment on long threads
Subject: RE: Can't comment on long threads
Hmmm. I ran Firefox on the iPhone 4S I had before the 5S. (These were all free hand-me-downs from the children.)

According to WikiP the iPhone 4s runs iOS 9.3.6 and Firefox needs 11.4 (ref)

I know from long experience with Android that getting old versions of apps that you're not offered in the app store is very tricky, and I've never tried with iOS. Apparently it may be possible - see here - but you'd need to borrow a newer iPhone (and reset it!) so not really practicable. And it may not solve the problem anyway.

Before I wrote my addon (for Android, not iOS) which saves the post in case it fails, I used to press control-A control-C before submitting. If I remembered.