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Posted By: Donuel
15-Jul-21 - 09:21 PM
Thread Name: MOAB - Mother of All BS [annex]
Subject: RE: MOAB - Mother of All BS [annex]
To celebrate the relaxation of pandemic rules we went to the Georgetown restaurant 'Global Gourmet' which has 4 Chefs that specialize in European, Mexican, Indian or Eastern Asian cuisine. The menu has mostly recognizable dishes but their specials, reliant upon availability, had truly exotic fare. The atmosphere was an ecclectic global mix as well. There was loud Mexican ballads, Chopin, Rajas or Gamalon music. Even the napkins were varied with embroidered themes that were western, Indian filigree patterns or chinese water color prints.
The waiter wrote nothing down and was expert at describing the specials although he practically whispered. Having never had them I ordered the boiled frog legs. When they came they were not remotely like fish but were pungent like kidney pie and stringy. When I was asked, I told the waiter that the frog legs with peas were not particulary pleasing and there were no peas. He looked confused and asked "Frog eggs"? I said No, frog legs, . Sir you ordered the dog legs in pee, In fact your order went to the Asian Chef and not the European Chef.
In that case, could I have the Pangolin Stew instead? "Of course sir. How would you like your Congo Stew of heads, spicy or plain"? I suggested they should turn the music down and left.