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Posted By: keberoxu
23-Jul-21 - 10:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: new eruption in Iceland
Subject: RE: BS: new eruption in Iceland
Skarpi?   Let's try phrasing the question another way,
because I think I understand Leeneia's question.

          [Gel ding ar da lir]
          syllable by syllable   --    atkvædi

Leeneia's question can be understood in terms of
syllables, and
the emphasis on each syllable.

There is a stronger emphasis on some syllables,
while other syllables sound weaker than the others.

When Leeneia says "loud" she means "strong emphasis"
and she wants to know:

which of the FIVE syllables       atkvædi
has the strongest emphasis?   áherslur?

Is it the first syllable, "Gel"
is one of the other four syllables
stronger in emphasis than "Gel" at the beginning of the word?

(okay, okay, I'm too fussy/scrupulous/punctilious --

             pirrud / samviskusamur / stakur ...)