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Posted By: Jon Freeman
24-Jul-21 - 11:47 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Device Names
Subject: Tech: Device Names
Might as well try this one here…

Sometimes, I get confused as to what a device is on my LAN, or where it is…

Some of that is easily resolved for me using dhcpd an dns. eg. Let’s say I get my new Redmi 9 phone, the way things are set up is that all I need to do is (once the mac address is found) add this to the dchpd.conf file on my server:

host jonredmi9pro {
option host-name "jonredmi9pro";
hardware ethernet e0:cc:f8:ff:86:f6;
ddns-hostname "jonredmi9pro";

And (provided I’m connected to an AP on that LAN), the phone will be connected with the IP address and be known as jonredmi9pro9pro.mydomain and be set to use the local DNS servers. OK some devices like the phone will allow manual set ups on the device but I find this more convenient.

Where I’m stuck at the moment is what I might be able to do with wi-fi devices and how they show on my Draytek Access Points.

Some are nameless and named ones aren’t easy to fathom. For example I have “a qoe-ioboard” attached to one AP. this MAC lookup shows me that it is a LG device which can only be our washing machine but there must be an easier way?