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Posted By: Jon Freeman
25-Jul-21 - 03:41 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Device Names
Subject: RE: Tech: Device Names
Thanks Dave.

I'm using Firefox 78.11 esr. It only seems to make the change if it can't access the http address. One example of where it could happen for me is if I reboot a device and try to access its web page a bit early. I do want to retry the same http address again in a few seconds rather than have the browser make the https attempt.

https only would be a no go for me. Some of my devices only provide http interfaces and those that do offer https would rely on self signed certificates. The latter is not a big problem but you have to OK security exceptions (which I make permanent) in the browser.

I did have a play (using the method outlined here) with Let's Encrypt a month or so back and may even have a pi4 producing valid certificates. I've never gone back to check... The LetsEncrypt ones should have been good for the Alexa project I had in mind and would suit the unlikely event of me trying another web project but don't suit a situation where you would have to manually upload a certificate to a device. A lifetime of 3 months is too short for that.