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Posted By: Jon Freeman
28-Jul-21 - 07:27 AM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Well there has been more rain and I’ve been trying to make a bit more sense of the home LAN for me. Wi-fi wise, I’ve long used 2 access points with the same sets (2.4 and 5ghz, for main network and guest network) of SSIDs.   This (and I don’t want to get into meshes) has worked quite well for me with my mobile devices as they will pick the best option and change as needed. But a couple of other things have wound up on and stuck on a weak signal. That and I thought the other things perhaps should have their own SSIDs anyway. I’ve split things off so they have that and use names unique to the AP I’ve set them for.

I’ve also made an attempt at identifying things on Wifi and on the LAN to try to help with the situation where I find myself stumbling on something (eg. via a station list on an AP) and wondering what the hell it is and whether it should be there. I’m not sure it’s 100% and some already existed but assuming the device has been accessed on my PC (or at least pinged), for nearly everything, from an IP address, I can from an IP address, eg.

worthy:/home/jon/JfScan # arp     
Address                  HWtype  HWaddress           Flags Mask            Iface     ether   b0:5c:da:66:ea:ac   C                     eth0
From a mac address, eg:

worthy:/home/jon/JfScan # arp -a | grep "b0:5c:da:66:ea:ac" ( at b0:5c:da:66:ea:ac [ether] on eth0

And be able to say (in these cases), yes it’s the laser printer in the study…

More tech waffle (and at times my confusion with it) from me over with…

I picked a lone ripe tomato from an outdoor plant the other day. With few other fruit on the plant and no others even turning red, what it was doing there is a bit of a mystery but, hey, I’ve had my first tomato of the season.

There are some fruit forming in the greenhouse but it’s not looking like a good crop this year. I’ve had a couple of cucumbers from the greenhouse though and I’ve seen that in the other one, I’ve got some of the small aubergines growing.

I’ve still to motivate myself for other things like the shed re-organisation. Maybe that and one other will get put off till next year. I don’t know… But at least I’m still keeping on top of the more routine things.