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05-Aug-21 - 04:51 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Town of Old Dolores(James Grafton Rogers)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Town of Old Delores (James Grafton Rogers
The earliest form of the song is a type written paper with hand written corrections I found in the James Grafton Rogers files in the archives of History Colorado. It is this form of the song I used to record it on my CD, Ladies' Choice. Katie Lee coached me in the recording of it but did not fully approve of the final outcome. She cared about the song and was a tough master. I valued her opinion.

Old Dolores

In the country down below where the little pinons grow,
   And it's half a day to water,
There used to stand a town, where a creek come tumblin' down,
   From a mesa where it surely hadn't oughter!
Its streets were bright with candle-light,
   The whole town joined a chorus!
And every man in sight left his cattle drift at night,
   Just to mosey to the town of Old Dolores!

Then things 'd kind-a spin, till the sun come up agin,
   Like the back o' some old yellow prairie wagon,
An' showed you, dim and red, maybe half a hundred head
   Of our sleepy saddle ponies, reins a-draggin'!
The pink mud walls, the water-falls,
   The whole wide world before us!
But the 'dobe walls are gone, and the goat-bells in the dawn
   Ain't a-jinglin' in the streets of Old Dolores!

Oh, the greaser-girls 'd fool on the plaza in the cool;
   An' there's one -- I ain't forgotten her mantilla!
But I know most any girl gets a puncher's head to whirl,
   When the same's been usin' saddles fur a pillow!
The big-eyed stars, the long cigars,
   The smiles that waited for us!
If there's any little well, down inside the gates o' Hell,
   Why, I guess the boys have named it Old Dolores!

Apr. 18, 1910