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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
09-Aug-21 - 11:58 AM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021

Certainly agree that train for this event is far preferable! I know all those routes and ... Plus the event itself! Good to take care of your own energy at a time like that.

The Kitchen cabinet, called a "hoosier" in the midwest, and, I am sure, many other names. Ours at Beaver is a Knechtel; at least that is what the metal label says. It is similar to but perhaps smaller than the pic by SRS. The pull out counter had ugly and modernish tiles on it when I bought it. I took them off and had a local person replace it with a colour coordinated piece of formica - more attractive, easier to clean and to pull out. I have wanted one for 60 years - since my MIL had one; when we gave her money to redo her K, I was hoping for the cabinet but too shy to ask ahead. "Oh that piece of junk! I gave it away!" Finally got this one at a yard sale in rural Quebec after we bought Beaver. Fits perfectly!

Did two stints of weed eating yesterday and was fine after. None will be done today as the humidity was already debilitating by 10 am. Did watering. Even the weeds are wilting. It did "rain" last night; what I refer to as the excess humidity falling out of the air. Not even a millimeter!

Realize I have made grave technical errors in my planting. Big clay pots give the water away really fast! If everything were in the ground, I could use a soaker hose, of which I have a few still in packages! This would solve the tomatoes but not the geraniums and the one elegant ornamental pot of vines and flowers. If we get a cooler day (than 30C) I may find the energy to remedy this as much as possible. R is enjoying the tomatoes as they ripen - a couple every couple days. Reality is that I must stay and water - not go to Beaver and pot - or lose the plants. The heat plus the covid have me at a point of wondering what matters.

A recent article in the Baltimore Sun by an epidemiologist:

things get worse

Maybe I did not do that correctly!

I am going to read, play on computer, drink lots of water and maybe turn on air in BR so I do it all in a cooler place.