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Posted By: Nick
10-Aug-21 - 08:57 AM
Thread Name: ADD: The Girl from the Hiring Fair (Ralph McTell)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords ADD The Hiring Fair (Ralph McTell)
Chords I play a little different

Not that it is in the least important but all Ralph McTell and Fairport Convention tracks start in Em.

The Girl From the Hiring Fair               Key=Em                           Ralph McTell

[Em] [C] [Em] [C]

I [Em]went down to the [C]hiring fair [G]for to sell my [D]labour,
And I [Em]noticed a maid in the [C]very next row and I [Bm]hoped she'd be my [C]neighbour.
[G]Imagine then oh [D/F#]my delight when the [Em]farmer picked us [C]both.
I [C]spoke not a word in the [D/C]cart to the [C]farm, but my heart beat in my [Em]throat.

[Em] [C] [Em] [C]


Fairport start the instrumental section playing Em C's then change key to Gm Ebmaj7 then back to Em C then back to verses as above