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Posted By: Rapparee
18-Aug-21 - 08:56 AM
Thread Name: MOAB - Mother of All BS [annex]
Subject: RE: MOAB - Mother of All BS [annex]
Donuel, why don't you think that the ranks of the Proud Boys, 3 percenters, KKK, American Nazi Party, and others aren't infiltrated by the FBI like during the Sixties? It has come out in the Jan 6 trials and confessions that more than a few of those arrested were informants. Besides, our 'locals' use FB, Twitter, and so on to communicate -- and these are not exactly private.

The most private way is to send a coded message in writing by a trusted courier (if you can find one). Check out the Son Tay raid or the messaging before the Battle of the Bulge. Of course, your courier must be willing to eat the message and/or die before spilling the beans. The NVA didn't expect problems moving the prisoners and so sent the message in the clear and my youngest brother (who was flying air intelligence for the Son Tay Raid) always felt that the NVA didn't "play fair" by not using electronic communications so he could find out what they were up to.

I'm not so much concerned with group activity (assuming intel is acted on) as I am about local actions by local nuts.