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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
20-Aug-21 - 10:09 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021

Came on Monday and recovering all week: Grocery runs on Tuesday. Trip to shop on Weds to take a few pots but found there is already too much of that colour so just left a couple small vases. Pat gave me a treatise on what sells best - not really sure what she told me! She talks too fast. I will just do what I can.

Biggie was to wash and cut hair; Did not realize how much I needed to be rid of! Feels so great. On the other hand, I gained about 8 pounds in QC. OH well.

Was glad to find the little pots I threw before I left and had carefully wrapped, thinking I would be back in a few days! - were just right for trimming - Done! And threw about 20 mugs; they were ready to trim today so I made the handles and trimmed the mugs but the heat got to me and now the mugs and handles are well wrapped until morning when I will finish the job before it gets too hot - she says hopefully!

Dan came by. I showed him pics of Robin's events - pocket park and the gates on Mill St. And we agreed on the work needing to be done - remove the destroyed by the ice gutter, and the addition of a roof over the walkway to studio so I don't have to carry buckets of hot water to melt the ice/snow that falls from the roof before I could open the door. He will also do something to keep the ice from taking out the chimney again. The heating wire he installed did not do the job - I suspect the wiring was inadequate - NOT his fault! I do wish I had a Dan in QC!

The yard is dreadfully overgrown; Steve is coming when he can but do not blame him for not hurrying in this heat. I could have asked him to do it while I was away but was loathe to expect him to wait to be paid. Silly me; we do that in the winter when he keeps the drive clear whether or not I am here. This will be the last yard clearing for this year. Next year I shall leave it to him to keep it down.

Apparently there was lots of rain while I was away; we had almost none in QC. R reports he is watering the plants and eating the food I left him!

Chick peas cooking to make hummous in the am. Distiller going. Fan exhausting heat from K. Small fan blowing on me! Sure makes a difference! I could work in the studio but I ran out of steam by 8 pm. Spent most of the afternoon in a semi stupour - half reading, half sleeping. I feel as though I have done a hard day's work. Just surviving the heat. All my wonderful plans for the pots I would make...! I will be happy with whatever gets done! Labour Day weekend might be busy at the shop... I don't want to let Pat down - but there is tons of a huge variety of other stuff in the shop.

I am SO happy to be here in the swamp! Quiet, trees...