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Posted By: Jon Freeman
21-Aug-21 - 05:30 AM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Scanners have occupied my last two days. It started with the decision to get rid of mum’s scanner in the study. That led me to revising/restoring the set up for the scanner in my room. I decided to move the USB only scanner to a Raspberry Pi so it could be shared without the need for my desktop PC on and it took me ages to get the settings right.

Anyway, I got where I wanted to be with that. The scanner is shared on the network via Sane. My Androids can use it via Sane Droid, amongst other options, my scanner (Java) program will work with it on Linux and even Windows if I wanted it. I’ve arranged the scanner buttons so that I have, Colour jpeg, colour and mono pdf, colour and mono print to my photo printer and colour and mono print to the study laser printer – all at resolutions, etc. suitable for quick general use.

I might have finished there but in trying to establish what was working where, I noticed that xsane was producing better scans than my attempt and even better was VueScan I’d downloaded to try. Particularly intriguing was its 64bit RGBI format. I get the idea (and the no Linux version available silverfast has something similar called HRDI) and can get an infra red scan with transparencies but piecing that together with a regular scan to eliminate marks is way beyond me… I’ve made a compromise instead. I’ve got a USB switch coming today and the scanner will be switchable between the pi for normal sharing and work and my desktop where in can be used with the (now purchased) VueScan if there is ever a need for “best quality” scans.

It’s probably all a bit silly considering the small amount of use a scanner usually gets here but, for now, I’ll consider it a job well done.

Elsewhere, I’ve still got good few meals of the Nicola salad potatoes (which have stayed good despite the tops I cut off showing the signs of blight) to come. We’ve had a couple of meals with the aubergines, I’ve got one bag of them stewed up with courgettes in the freezer and more ready to pick. The Swiss Chard has been delicious, lettuce are abundant (think well have to try a soup). A surprise was a free packet of carrot seed (which I think came with Gardeners World magazine) I just threw in a tub. Not thinned out and of course a lot were very small but I picked out one meal’s worth of useable ones and I (and mum does likewise) reckon their the sweetest carrots I’ve ever tasted. I should get another 2 pickings from the tub.

Some disappointments too. Outside the odd stray one, I’ve yet to pick ripe tomatoes and am not going to get a “cooking quantity”. French climbing beans struggled, my brassica doesn’t look too happy, rhubarb never came to anything worth picking… But at least we’ve had and are getting something to enjoy and I don’t think it’s been the best of growing years in this area.

I’ve left the porch floor till next year and I’m almost certain to defer the green shed clear out too now. I feel I should have done better than I have so far this year but lack of motivation for some jobs, the weather and getting distracted by other things have all been factors.