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Posted By: The Sandman
22-Aug-21 - 04:36 AM
Thread Name: BS: regional uk slang
Subject: RE: BS: regional uk slang
Dave Superior say to 3 gnomes "Because you've been so committed to this pond over the last 50 years you can go out this weekend and commit any sin you like."
"When you return you must drink this codswallop and all will be forgiven."

So the 3 nuns gnomes out for a fun-filled weekend.

On Monday when they return, Dave Superior summons them to his office. She asks them what sins they committed. The first gnome says..."I became an alcoholic and did nothing but drink myself stupid."

"I see" replied Dave superior, "Drink this codswallop and you will be forgiven."

So he drunk the holy water, and she was forgiven.

The second gnome says "I wrote a lot of drivel on Mudcat for the weekend."

Dave Superior shakes his head. "Very well" he says."I do that all the time, drink this holy water and you shall be forgiven."

So he drunk the holy water, and he was forgiven.

Dave Superior then turns to the third gnome and asks, "What sin did you commit?"

The third gnome replies "I masturbated in the codswallop!as well as writing rubbish on Mudcat"