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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
23-Aug-21 - 03:58 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021

78 in the house at the moment and I am fine unless I move - even typing is causing discomfort. I shall soon go back to reading and a wet cloth on my neck. I feel as though I can barely breathe. This is the way my body is and always has been. Get used to it? ...

Woke up this morning (a good beginning!) and thought: I had a good sleep, I could jump up and get some work done before it gets too hot... But no. Needed a bit more bed rest, then needed BF so made buckwheat cakes with 2 cups of thawed field berries and fresh maple syrup and green tea x2... By now I was wondering if I should just give up the day, call the health clinic to find out if I were going to live. Yep, did all that and still felt super useless. Then remembering I had no unsweetened choc yesterday at all; a couple small pieces and everything cleared - I kid you not!! Buckwheat cakes also make me feel good. Maple syrup, also. I will eat the left overs for snacks today - instead of less healthy stuff.

Went out to the studio and threw 35 small (half pound/$10 pots) and one butterdish lid with what was left over. With fan blowing on me and door open. Very happily! I was productive! (for 2 hours.) Then it was lunch time.

Convinced myself a salad was a good idea: a large soup bowl of greens with crumbled blue cheese and oil and vinegar, (all I had on hand) then some already cooked pork, apples and broccoli. Then it was really hot. And getting worse. A bit more choc. settles my gut and just seems to help. Just a few grams. 28 gms = 1 oz so maybe 6-8 gms. Maybe I could weigh it into "doses" - out of curiosity. It has killed my cough and reduced mucous almost totally....

I would put the raspberries into a batch of buckwheat cakes! When we have a pineapple, I puree it and use it in the BW cakes, but usually I use the frozen field berries - thawed!

Bought buckwheat seeds at the farm supply to try them out on the yard here, and in QC - bees love it. I would not try to harvest as I have no way of hulling the seeds. But the critters will! I won't dig, just broadcast it and hope. Waiting for rain!! At worst, the little critters will eat it. Good for the soil also.

FB informs an apartment house fire in downtown (within the hour) so skipping the errands.

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