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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
24-Aug-21 - 10:10 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021

A bit less hot or lower humidity made for a glorious day. I finished a bunch of pots and hope there is a kiln load but will fire regardless, hopefully tomorrow as all is outside in the woodshed (open all four sides) so breeze can do its work. Managed to get up a bit early this am and have BF done by about 9; worked diligently, pushing a bit towards the end.

snack, then off to "get things done": A form to renew health card initiated a trip to Service Ontario without high expectations. The sing on the door stated firmly "by appointment only" but there was no one there but staff who kindly did both driver's license and health card, with alacrity! Saved me going to the post office for a stamp to mail the thing! That has de-cluttered my mind of those two biggies.

Hardware store to find Iron OUT for cleaner toilet; got home and found there was some - right where I put it so this one will go to QC. Also a masonry bit to drill larger holes in flat ceramic bells made many years ago and now due for ribbons to become decorative - for the shop.That is a de-clutter! And clear Gorilla glue to fix sandels before I trip over myself. And a nice chat with friend of 40 years who works there - Nah! He cannot be that old!

Grocery store: frozen fish to do up in toaster over, a la Charmion! I usually like sweet potato fries with it - in same pan - but again there were none of the Alexis seasoned ones - yummy! So I put in a 3 perogies -- slept for an hour or so! Was nice to bump into neighbour/friend of 40 years/ reeve of Twnshp for a chat! It is wonderful to talk to someone(s) other than store employees! Cheered me up! THAT is a major de-clutter!

I also do very little heat producing - cooking. Realized the bathroom is warm from water heater and freezer so I am keeping the door shut. I have a good fan in small K window to exhaust heat if I cook anything. The buckwheat cakes make me feel better so I am back to making them each am. After I cooked chick peas for hummous I put the pan outside to cool. I run the distiller at night when it is cooler. Of course, this house is so small (600sf) that with the two doors and two large windows open, I have whatever cooling is possible. The house in QC is more difficult. Without the a/c in BR it would be hopeless even though I spend my life opening and closing doors and windows!

De-cluttering the heat is paramount. As soon as the sun goes behind the west hill, it starts to cool outside and I can open the curtains and then the doors and windows. Lovely now! (10 pm) Looking forward to the gorgeous -waning- full moon again tonight. A FB friend in the UK posted a pic a few days ago and I rushed outside to have a look! Yep! Same silvery moon!

I am thinking of getting ready for winter!! This next week will be our warning as the temp drops to a more reasonable level. I need to get more wood here and prepare for the delivery in QC. A big financial de-clutter!