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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
30-Aug-21 - 11:31 AM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Adding dates to the bullet journal for September 2021 and again, as with each month we've been under the influence of COVID-19, I enter "COVID-19" atop the calendar page as a reminder to myself when I look back in the future. I started in February of 2020 when I jotted down "Begin COVID-19 precautions" and as I look through those next few months there isn't much activity except notes about shopping for my ex, grocery deliveries, the few appointments I had, and mostly cancelled appointments. Lots of notes about shipping masks to people. Lots of household tasks taken on as something to do (rearranging furniture from one room to the next, furniture repair, reupholstery, etc.)

My few trips out are also noted in there. We were living dangerously when I cared for a friend's cats (after her father died) even though she was isolating and getting tested before going to stay with her elderly mother and I was wearing a mask the whole time I was in her house. Notes about meeting friends in carports (bring your own cloth folding chair), notes about meeting my daughter for lunch in her parking garage. Some days were very hot, others quite chilly, but I did curbside pickup and took it along for our precious meetings. The complicated plans we went through for our delayed xmas when we did a trial run, then all met later at a drive-through restaurant and did our gift exchange outside between the cars after eating our takeout meals.

So many things have changed since 2019. I see an appointment for taking one of the dogs to the vet for her annual exam. They used to accept a few walk-in appointments, but when COVID came along it was appointments only, and they're not going back to accepting walk-ins - it was just too hard on the vets and their days were very long. There are a few parking spaces outside of all sorts of businesses for Curbside pickup, and they're keeping it. Just as well since we're into a COVID-Delta surge and back to wearing masks indoors all of the time at places where I still cautiously go for volunteering.

There are notes about when I had groceries delivered, my delayed appointments, and later in the year finally going in to the dentist and for an eye exam (setting in motion the cataract surgery during a time when COVID seemed to be lifting, we had vaccinations, and Delta hadn't arrived yet.) Notes of when stores had senior hours are for shopping. I went 15 months between haircuts, only trimming my own bangs when they began to drive me nuts.

This is easy stuff, relatively. It's a compressed life to save a life. I realize it was a luxury to be able to stay home, have things delivered, postponed, altered, then eventually shop carefully, mask up at the doctor's, so many Zoom meetings, etc. Those "essential workers" who had to work, and people like Charmion and my friend Ann who had to deal with catastrophic events, will have a lot more written down in their diaries or calendars.

Just thinking out loud as another month passes (as we enter a new season that seems to bring out introspection.) What does the last 18 months look like in your lives?