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Posted By: Senoufou
03-Sep-21 - 03:36 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why did I get married stories
Subject: RE: BS: Why did I get married stories
Well Donuel, I think our marriage could be classed as 'attraction of opposites' in some ways. He's black, I'm white. He's a Muslim, I'm a Christian. I have an MA degree and he had only a very basic education.
He is one of nine children, I have only one sibling, my sister. He was born and brought up in West Africa, I was born in West London.
But, there are also many similarities. We both like the house to be clean and tidy. We both believe in God and have the same morality. We both adore Africa. We love flying and travelling. We both feel much pity for the unfortunate (homeless etc) Even our 'dream cars' are the same (Mini Countryman and Range Rover Evoque, in taupe) although we only have a little old Fiesta. Neither of us drinks alcohol or smokes, and would never touch drugs.
Every couple's marriage is unique. And I think every marriage is a mixture of similarities and differences.