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Posted By: Felipa
03-Sep-21 - 09:48 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Songs Mentioning 'Afghanistan'/'Afghan'
Subject: origins: Saramine Man
another youtube comment re origins of Saramine Man:
"Ibrahim Tatlises sang the music with the original title in 1994 under the Turkish title Haydi Söyle (Now tell me).
Amir Jan Sabori from Herat from Afghanistan writes the Persian poem for the music of the Kurdish Singer Tatalises " [Turkish lyrics given at video page]

It's a different issue from Afghanistan but there is much sorrow in Ibrahim Tatlises' life as well. He even survived an assasination attempt. I picked out this paragraph re language:

"In the 1980s the Turkish government had banned the use of Kurdish; at a concert in Sweden in December 1986, he had sung folk songs in Kurdish and was thus prosecuted for separatist propaganda, but found not guilty in 1987.[21] The charge was dismissed after he showed regret.[22] In 1988, he was asked by businessman Mehmet Yilmaz at a cultural festival in Usak to sing a Kurdish folk song, but refused, saying 'I am a Kurd, but the laws ban me for singing in Kurdish.'"[21][23] For this, he was indicted on September 19, 1988."
= accessed 4 Sept 2021

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