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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
06-Sep-21 - 02:31 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021

Well, not much progress on my depressive reaction to the situation. But I did walk down to the one neighbour I know, and found the wife at home. Asking for someone to move wood, she phoned someone but his back... Alan came home with Aussie - such a treat! and suggested someone down the street near the church. I went home and exchanged slippers for sandals and walked down - about a half block - did not see a place as described but heard a thunderclap and went home. I'll try again with better info and less rain.

Lots of rain - finally!!! Over an inch last night. And the cooler weather is wonderful. Plans: trip to the mill tomorrow to pick up pottery stuff to take to Beaver, and, in the area, deliver mugs, and visit with a friend - in reverse order!!

Not going to think about making mugs here - keeping things simple. Try to prepare some food for R - after doing some shopping. Also not going to think about the garage; it won't happen! I will simply spend time at Beaver to make and fire pots. So: consolidate stuff at Beaver (from Mill) and organize studio better. Also bring a bunch of clothes back to Dupont from mill and consider their fate; room in the closet for them if I want to keep them all. Also want to bring back some DR and K stuffs if I have the energy. Too much of that ilk. Considering getting rid of set of "good" china I bought since moving here. It takes up a great deal of room in the beautiful china cabinet which could contain other, more important, treasures.

Reality check: R is never going to order glass shelves for curio cabinet; I shall have to figure out how to do it myself so I can clear the DR table. Need to focus him on "The eaves need to be repaired in September!!!"

I sometimes wonder how I can sit in the TV room facing the huge stack of sewing to be done; I just don't care. It is not essential. My sudden fits of desire to "do something" last a few nano-seconds! A friend has offered to put a nice patch on a blouse; it is pinned in place but my brain/eyes are resisting. I am too big for this once fav blouse and wonder if anyone would want it; I shall let Leslie decide. Now to find it - NOW.

Oh! and Happy B-day, SRS!