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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
09-Sep-21 - 11:15 AM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Those German calibration targets are a better price than what I see here in the US. Note to any user: don't leave it sitting on a sunny desk. :-0

Good move with the furniture, Charmion! I have a variety of plastic slider things, some stay under the furniture, others are for temporary use. And when I'm moving things like heavy trunks I find a large piece of cardboard to use, either to load on and drag or push, or to open flat along a hallway and push the item over it. Also, for some of the antique trunks I use around the house, I've followed the example set by my great uncle Edward probably 80 years ago when he put an extra support and castors under a historic family large wooden chest (it has wrought iron hinges and hasp, I think it came with them from Ireland in 1850). I've used scrap 2x4s and castors from Home Depot to build dollies that the trunks are set upon and then are easily moved. And can be lifted off of the dollies should it be necessary.

This brings to mind the issues I've had with moving companies and their hiring of casual labor to unload trucks: years ago when we moved to the house my ex still lives in, the truck parked at the street and it was about 100 feet up a concrete drive to the front door. The first time I caught one of them rolling a cedar chest on its castors up the drive I made them stop and lift and carry it - not by the side handles, but by the corners of the whole chest - they aren't supposed to roll stuff, they're not supposed to break off relatively decorative handles, they're supposed to carry or put on a dolly and push. I had to leave (my daughter was 9 months old and needed a nap at the apartment where we were staying) and her dad didn't watch those guys. They proceeded to break lots of items and then hide the damage so we didn't find it till much later. Pissed me off and it took the moving company's repair people quite a while to fix most of it when they came to the house. That was covered by the company. (My son is getting ready to move into his new house and I told him to never mark any boxes with contents, just name the room they will go to, and keep an eye on the movers that they don't break stuff.) /rant off