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Posted By: Bill D
09-Sep-21 - 07:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: Veganism
Subject: RE: BS: Veganism
Our ancestors for 5 million years were omnivores. Some 'may' have died from allergies to meat, but I suspect that's a fairly recent issue.
   For those who assert that every being that's 'aware' deserves to live, I ask... when did this rule become a governing principle? People with the leisure time to think about it have only lived in the last 3-4 thousand years.

A friend of mine once knew two young women who announced they intended to be vegetarian.
He asked them.."Is this religious, or health concern..or is it BBES?"

"Huh? what's that"...

"BBES,,,Big Brown Eyes Syndrome."

They came back later and admitted that is WAS mostly BBES, and they would merely reduce their meat intake.