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10-Sep-21 - 07:08 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Oj, dortn, dortn / Oy, Dortn, Dortn
Subject: RE: Origins: Oj, dortn, dortn / Oy, Dortn, Dortn
Recording by Forshpil, which is Sasha Lurje and my son-in-law, Ilya Shneyveys.

"A long-distance music video for an old Yiddish song about long-distance relationships.
From the new album forshpil:tsvey - available now at

"Sasha Lurje - voice
"Ilya Shneyveys - banjo uke, guitar, percussion, glockenspiel, organ, bass, flute, sound and video editing

"Despite being written over a hundred years ago, this ballad speaks to the reality many people all over the world face today. Being separated from your friends, family, and loved ones when all you can do about it is write letters and cry, has become even more prominent in COVID-19 times. As a band of touring musi- cians living on different continents, this is the reality we faced while working on this album and in our personal lives.
"We dedicate this song to the memory of our beloved mentor and endless source of inspiration Adrienne Cooper z'l, who introduced us to this gorgeous song, and who left us far too soon."

There follow lyrics, in Yiddish transliteration and in English translation. The word people are discussing above is given as "rozove" there, and "vi rozove papir" is translated as "like pink crepe paper."