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Posted By: Senoufou
11-Sep-21 - 11:38 AM
Thread Name: BS: Veganism
Subject: RE: BS: Veganism
Hee hee Steve, I bet they didn't have quinoa, tofu, dates, caviar etc or sat in their caves eating toasted crumpets with lots of butter. (Or choc-ices)
People live long lives nowadays (Covid permitting) and one hears of many reaching a hundred, especially round here in Norfolk.
Smoking, alcoholism and too much fattening stuff are I think major causes of shortening lives.
It always amazes me how the Africans I've observed manage to survive on such poor food, mostly rice with a bit of whatever they can rustle up. But then, they walk everywhere, cultivate their fields by hand with a 'daba' (hoe type of thing) and have no 'labour-saving' devices, and no electricity. This makes them super-fit. They aren't Vegans, and if they can get their hands on some chicken or a bit of lamb (throat cut with a sharp knife during the feast of Eid) they're delighted.