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Posted By: punkfolkrocker
15-Sep-21 - 01:52 AM
Thread Name: Making folk club recordings available
Subject: RE: Making folk club recordings available
errrmmm.. well us lot should know better than most other music fans
just how difficult, unreliable, unhelpful, stubborn, petty, contrary, spiteful, etc, etc, etc, music artists can be..

Particularly as they become older and more misanthropic...

Yes.. WE musicians and singers don't always have the best judgement and intentions
regarding our musical legacy...

Then there's obstructive greedy relatives inheriting our estates
who can make matters even worse for music fans...

Music enthusiast folks like you Tony deserve full praise for volunteering to put up with and negotiate
all the problems to keep our long forgotten music alive and accessible...


On the other hand, us musicians don't have to become such dicks at the end of our lives;
and in reality most us us hopefully aint...!!!